Komarov Vladislav Mikhailovich

Комаров Владислав Михайлович

Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Leading Researcher


Primary affiliation

  • Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS
  • 3 Institutskaya st., Puschino, Moscow Region, 142290, Russia, Russia

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Biographical information

V.M. Komarov was born in Kolpashevo, Tomsk region (1945).

Graduated from the Faculty of Physics of the Tomsk State University (1967) Postgraduate studies in “L.Ya. Karpov ResearchPhysico-Chemical Institute”, Moscow (1970).

Staff member of the Institute of Biophysics of USSR (1971).

Since 1991 Dr. V.M. Komarov - researches of the Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS.

He defended his PhD thesis in 1978, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences thesis on biophysics in 2004.

Scientific interests

Molecular spectroscopy, quantum mechanics of molecules, computer chemistry, physics-chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids, bioinformatics

Main accomplishments of the author

Within the framework of the fundamental problem "structure and function" of biological macromolecules, the author formulated a new approach to the description of the mechanism of self-organization of spiral and layered forms of oligopeptides. For the case of nucleic acid molecules, a hidden spatial polymorphism of the hydrogen bonding of Watson-Crick nitrous bases was revealed. It plays a key role in the formation of high flexibility of the DNA double helix as well as in the pattern of the nucleotide repeatsdistribution in the structure of the pro- and eukaryotic genomes.

It was marked by the "Diploma of Quality and the Medal for Excellence" of the European Science and Industry Board (2014).

Dr. V.M.Komarov is the organizer of many All-Russian and international scientific conferences. In different years he was the Chairman of the organizing committee of the "Pushchino school of young scientists-Biology is a science of the XXI century". Permanent co-chairman of the organizing committee of the interdisciplinary scientific conference "Mathematics. Computer. Education.

Additional information

Associate editor.

The author is ready to participate in reviewing.


Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS
3 Institutskaya st., Puschino, Moscow Region, 142290, Russia

Journal publications:

  1. Kisselev S.S., Komarov V.M., Masulis I.S., Ozoline O.N. Distribution of mononucleotide repeats in bacterial chromosomes: A/T-tracts dominate on G/C-tracts, Computer Research and Modeling, 2010, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 183-187
  2. Komarov V.M. Editor's note, Computer Research and Modeling, 2010, vol. 2, no. 1, p. 41
  3. Kondratyev M.S., Kabanov A.V., Komarov V.M. Modeling of helix formation in peptides containing aspartic and glutamic residues, Computer Research and Modeling, 2010, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 83-90

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