Bilingual publication of research papers

One of the most important standards of publication ethics promoted by COPE and accepted by the majority of scientific journals states that the same research should not be published twice. This rule could work in a uniform world where all scientists speak the same language, but in the real world, with its variety of languages, it may cause complications both for authors and publishers. The audience of international journals published in English may differ greatly from the audience of journals published in such languages as Russian or Chinese. The authors have to choose the audience for their paper, as in general they cannot publish the same paper in two languages. Many journals in Russia accept papers in Russian and publish them both in Russian and in English, but, paradoxically, it doesn’t solve the problem and probably even aggravates it: translation of papers is expensive, and as a rule such journals are only available behind a paywall – both in Russian and in English. Another option for authors willing to escape the paywall is to publish their original research paper in one language (generally, in English) and follow it with a self-review paper published in another language (say, Russian). But such review cannot be just a retelling of the original paper, as both readers and editors expect the authors to perform a much more thorough analysis of the reviewed results in a wide scientific context. Thus, preparation of a review is a very time-consuming process and cannot serve as a substitution for publication of a research paper.

Computer Research and Modeling is an Open Access journal published in Russia. It accepts papers either in Russian or in English – or, starting from year 2019, in both languages. In the latter case, two versions of the paper are published in the electronic form on the website, and one (the authors have to choose either Russian or English) version – in the printed form. Both versions share the same digital object identifier (DOI) and bibliographic details are almost the same, except for page numbers having additional prefix in the electronic-only version. Thus, from the point of view of scientometrics, these two versions in different languages constitute a single publication.

Computer Research and Modeling is a non-profit journal; neither authors nor readers pay for the papers. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover translation expenses for the papers, so if you wish to publish your paper both in Russian and in English, you need to provide the translation yourself. Please do not translate the paper prior to its acceptance by the journal: only a very small fraction of manuscripts is accepted in their initial revision, and a vast majority require major revision. However, if you are interested in bilingual publication, please state it in the cover letter.

The Russian version of this page contains recommendations for the authors on how to translate Russian papers into English, please switch to Russian if you need these suggestions – most of them are also applicable to English-to-Russian translation. If you do not speak Russian, bilingual publication may be a difficult task, however if you have a strong will our team will do its best to help you with this challenging endeavor.

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