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  1. Matyushkin I.V., Zapletina M.A.
    Cellular automata review based on modern domestic publications
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2019, v. 11, no. 1, pp. 9-57

    The paper contains the analysis of the domestic publications issued in 2013–2017 years and devoted to cellular automata. The most of them concern on mathematical modeling. Scientometric schedules for 1990–2017 years have proved relevance of subject. The review allows to allocate the main personalities and the scientific directions/schools in modern Russian science, to reveal their originality or secondness in comparison with world science. Due to the authors choice of national publications basis instead of world, the paper claims the completeness and the fact is that about 200 items from the checked 526 references have an importance for science.

    In the Annex to the review provides preliminary information about CA — the Game of Life, a theorem about gardens of Eden, elementary CAs (together with the diagram of de Brujin), block Margolus’s CAs, alternating CAs. Attention is paid to three important for modeling semantic traditions of von Neumann, Zuse and Zetlin, as well as to the relationship with the concepts of neural networks and Petri nets. It is allocated conditional 10 works, which should be familiar to any specialist in CA. Some important works of the 1990s and later are listed in the Introduction.

    Then the crowd of publications is divided into categories: the modification of the CA and other network models (29 %), Mathematical properties of the CA and the connection with mathematics (5 %), Hardware implementation (3 %), Software implementation (5 %), Data Processing, recognition and Cryptography (8 %), Mechanics, physics and chemistry (20 %), Biology, ecology and medicine (15 %), Economics, urban studies and sociology (15 %). In parentheses the share of subjects in the array are indicated. There is an increase in publications on CA in the humanitarian sphere, as well as the emergence of hybrid approaches, leading away from the classic CA definition.

    Views (last year): 58.
  2. Lobanov A.I.
    Model of cellular automata
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2010, v. 2, no. 3, pp. 273-293

    An introduction to the models of cellular automata is given. The three automata described on the plane are: Viner-Rosenbluth cellular automata, the game of Life and Kohomoto-Oono automata for modelling «reaction-diffusion» systems. There is built the generalization of cellular automata of the game of Life to arbitrary dimension of space and the generalization of Kohomoto-Oono automata in 3D.

    Views (last year): 64. Citations: 21 (RSCI).
  3. Subbotina A.Y., Khokhlov N.I.
    MPI implementations of Conway’s Game of Life and Kohomoto-Oono cellular automata
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2010, v. 2, no. 3, pp. 319-322

    Results obtained during practical training session on MPI during high perfomance computing summer school MIPT-2010 are discussed. MPI technology were one of technologies proposed to participants for realization of project. 3D version of Conway’s Game of Life was proposed as a project. Algorithms used in the development, theoretical and practical assessment of their scalability is analyzed.

    Views (last year): 11.
  4. Alekseenko A.E., Kazennov A.M.
    CUDA and OpenCL implementations of Conway’s Game of Life cellular automata
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2010, v. 2, no. 3, pp. 323-326

    In this article the experience of reading “CUDA and OpenCL programming” course during high perfomance computing summer school MIPT-2010 is analyzed. Content of lectures and practical tasks, as well as manner of presenting of the material are regarded. Performance issues of different algorithms implemented by students at practical training session are dicussed.

    Views (last year): 9. Citations: 3 (RSCI).

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