“Computer Research and Modeling” is a peer-reviewed Russian journal publishing original research papers and review articles in the field of computer research and mathematical modeling in physics, engineering, biology, ecology, economics, psychology etc.


Frequency: 6 issues per year.
ISSN: 2076-7633  (Print), 2077-6853 (Online).

In the latest issue:


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  3. Zharkova V.V., Schelyaev A.E., Dyadkin A.A., Pavlov A.O., Simakova T.V.
    The calculation of hydrodynamic impact on reentry vehicle during splashdown, pp. 37-46
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  7. Firsov A.A., Yarantsev D.A., Leonov S.B., Ivanov V.V.
    Numerical simulation of ethylene combustion in supersonic air flow, pp. 75-86
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  8. Aksenov A.A., Zhluktov S.V., Shmelev V.V., Zhestkov M.N., Rogozhkin S.A., Pakholkov V.V., Shepelev S.F.
    Development of methodology for computational analysis of thermo-hydraulic processes proceeding in fast-neutron reactor with FlowVision CFD software, pp. 87-94
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  9. Aksenov A.A., Zhluktov S.V., Shmelev V.V., Shaporenko E.V., Shepelev S.F., Rogozhkin S.A., Krylov A.N.
    Numerical investigations of mixing non-isothermal streams of sodium coolant in T-branch, pp. 95-110
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  1. Skripalenko M.N., Skripalenko M.M., Tran Ba Hui , Ashuhmin D.A., Samusev S.V., Sidorov A.A.
    Detection of influence of upper working roll’s vibrayion on thickness of sheet at cold rolling with the help of DEFORM-3D software, pp. 111-116
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  2. Radjuk A.G., Titlianov A.E., Skripalenko M.M.
    Computer simulation of temperature field of blast furnace’s air tuyere, pp. 117-125
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  3. Lopatin N.V., Kydrjavtsev E.A., Panin P.V., Vidumkina S.V.
    Simulation of forming of UFG Ti-6-4 alloy at low temperature of superplasticity, pp. 127-133
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