Issue 2, 2022 Vol. 14


  1. Editor’s note, pp. 209-212
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  2. Alkousa M.S., Gasnikov A.V., Dvurechensky P.E., Sadiev A.A., Razouk L.Ya.
    An approach for the nonconvex uniformly concave structured saddle point problem, pp. 225-237
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  3. Bazarova A.I., Beznosikov A.N., Gasnikov A.V.
    Linearly convergent gradient-free methods for minimization of parabolic approximation, pp. 239-255
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  5. Danilova M.Y., Malinovskiy G.S.
    Averaged heavy-ball method, pp. 277-308
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  8. Kotliarova E.V., Krivosheev K.Yu., Gasnikova E.V., Sharovatova Y.I., Shurupov A.V.
    Proof of the connection between the Backman model with degenerate cost functions and the model of stable dynamics, pp. 335-342
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  9. Kotliarova E.V., Severilov P.A., Ivchenkov Y.P., Mokrov P.V., Chekanov M.O., Gasnikova E.V., Sharovatova Y.I.
    Speeding up the two-stage simultaneous traffic assignment model, pp. 343-355
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  12. Alpatov A.V., Peters E.A., Pasechnyuk D.A., Raigorodsky A.M.
    Stochastic optimization in digital pre-distortion of the signal, pp. 399-416
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  14. Savchuk O.S., Titov A.A., Stonyakin F.S., Alkousa M.S.
    Adaptive first-order methods for relatively strongly convex optimization problems, pp. 445-472
     pdf (249K)
  15. Ablaev S.S., Makarenko D.V., Stonyakin F.S., Alkousa M.S., Baran I.V.
    Subgradient methods for non-smooth optimization problems with some relaxation of sharp minimum, pp. 473-495
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