“Computer Research and Modeling” is a peer-reviewed Russian journal publishing original research papers and review articles in the field of computer research and mathematical modeling in physics, engineering, biology, ecology, economics, psychology etc.


Frequency: 6 issues per year.
ISSN: 2076-7633  (Print), 2077-6853 (Online).

In the latest issue:


  1. Editor’s note, pp. 229-233
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  1.  pdf (5021K)
  2. Akindinov G.D., Matyukhin V.V., Krivorotko O.I.
    Numerical solving of an inverse problem of a hyperbolic heat equation with small parameter, pp. 245-258
     pdf (540K)
  3. Vostrikov D.D., Konin G.O., Lobanov A.V., Matyukhin V.V.
    Influence of the mantissa finiteness on the accuracy of gradient-free optimization methods, pp. 259-280
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  4. Maslovskiy A.Y., Sumenkov O.Y., Vorkutov D.A., Chukanov S.V.
    Application of discrete multicriteria optimization methods for the digital predistortion model design, pp. 281-300
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  6. Podlipnova I.V., Persiianov M.I., Shvetsov V.I., Gasnikova E.V.
    Transport modeling: averaging price matrices, pp. 317-327
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  7. Rudenko V.D., Yudin N.E., Vasin A.A.
    Survey of convex optimization of Markov decision processes, pp. 329-353
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  8. Samoylenko I.A., Kuleshov I.V., Raigorodsky A.M.
    The model of two-level intergroup competition, pp. 355-368
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  9. Skachkov D.A., Gladyshev S.I., Raigorodsky A.M.
    Experimental comparison of PageRank vector calculation algorithms, pp. 369-379
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  11. Stonyakin F.S., Ablaev S.S., Baran I.V., Alkousa M.S.
    Subgradient methods for weakly convex and relatively weakly convex problems with a sharp minimum, pp. 393-412
     pdf (280K)
  12. Stonyakin F.S., Savchuk O.S., Baran I.V., Alkousa M.S., Titov A.A.
    Analogues of the relative strong convexity condition for relatively smooth problems and adaptive gradient-type methods, pp. 413-432
     pdf (381K)
  13. Tomonin Y.D., Tominin V.D., Borodich E.D., Kovalev D.A., Dvurechensky P.E., Gasnikov A.V., Chukanov S.V.
    On Accelerated Methods for Saddle-Point Problems with Composite Structure, pp. 433-467
  14. Chen J., Lobanov A.V., Rogozin A.V.
    Nonsmooth Distributed Min-Max Optimization Using the Smoothing Technique, pp. 469-480
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