“Computer Research and Modeling” is a peer-reviewed Russian journal publishing original research papers and review articles in the field of computer research and mathematical modeling in physics, engineering, biology, ecology, economics, psychology etc.


Frequency: 6 issues per year.
ISSN: 2076-7633  (Print), 2077-6853 (Online).

In the latest issue:

  1. Editor’s note, pp. 695-696
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  4.  pdf (5351K)
  5. Denisenko V.V., Doludenko A.N., Fortova S.V., Kolokolov I.V., Lebedev V.V.
    Numerical modeling of the Kolmogorov flow in a viscous media, forced by the static force periodic in space, pp. 741-753
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  9. Mitrofanova A.Y., Temnaya O.S., Safin A.R., Kravchenko O.V., Nikitov S.A.
    Simulation of spin wave amplification using the method of characteristics to the transport equation, pp. 795-803
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  13. Vasiliev I.A., Dubinya N.V., Tikhotskiy S.A., Nachev V.A., Alexeev D.A.
    Numerical model of jack-up rig’s mechanical behavior under seismic loading, pp. 853-871
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  14.  pdf (849K)
  15. Vasyukov A.V., Beklemysheva K.A., Onuchin E.S., Tovarnova N.A., Petrov I.B.
    Calculation of transverse wave speed in preloaded fibres under an impact, pp. 887-897
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  16.  pdf [in Russian] (1023K)  pdf [in English] (1011K)
  17. Vassilevski Y.V., Simakov S.S., Gamilov T.M., Salamatova V.Yu., Dobroserdova T.K., Kopytov G.V., Bogdanov O.N., Danilov A.A., Dergachev M.A., Dobrovolskii D.D., Kosukhin O.N., Larina E.V., Meleshkina A.V., Mychka E.Yu., Kharin V.Yu., Chesnokova K.V., Shipilov A.A.
    Personalization of mathematical models in cardiology: obstacles and perspectives, pp. 911-930
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  18. Andreeva A.A., Anand M., Lobanov A.I., Nikolaev A.V., Panteleev M.A.
    Using extended ODE systems to investigate the mathematical model of the blood coagulation, pp. 931-951
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