Issue 3, 2018 Vol. 10


  1. Editor's note, pp. 279-283
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  2. Verentsov S.I., Magerramov E.A., Vinogradov V.A., Gizatullin R.I., Alekseenko A.E., Kholodov Y.A.
    Bayesian localization for autonomous vehicle using sensor fusion and traffic signs, pp. 295-303
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  7. Kurzhanskiy A.A., Kurzhanski A.B.
    Intersection in a smart city, pp. 347-358
     pdf (6685K)
  8. Prokoptsev N.G., Alekseenko A.E., Kholodov Y.A.
    Traffic flow speed prediction on transportation graph with convolutional neural networks, pp. 359-367
     pdf (137K)
  9. Shleymovich M.P., Dagaeva M.V., Katasev A.S., Lyasheva S.A., Medvedev M.V.
    The analysis of images in control systems of unmanned automobiles on the base of energy features model, pp. 369-376
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