Issue 1, 2024 Vol. 16

  1. Editor’s note, pp. 5-10
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  4. Dorn Y.V., Shitikov O.M.
    Detecting Braess paradox in the stable dynamic model, pp. 35-51
     pdf (1728K)
  5.  pdf (773K)
  6. Kazorin V.I., Kholodov Y.A.
    Framework sumo-atclib for adaptive traffic control modeling, pp. 69-78
     pdf (605K)
  7. Lubashevsky I.A., Lubashevskiy V.I.
    Dynamical trap model for stimulus – response dynamics of human control, pp. 79-87
     pdf (1615K)
  8. Podlipnova I.V., Dorn Y.V., Sklonin I.A.
    Cloud interpretation of the entropy model for calculating the trip matrix, pp. 89-103
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  11. Salenek I.A., Seliverstov Y.A., Seliverstov S.A., Sofronova E.A.
    Improving the quality of route generation in SUMO based on data from detectors using reinforcement learning, pp. 137-146
     pdf (240K)
  12. Sofronova E.A., Diveev A.I., Kazaryan D.E., Konstantinov S.V., Daryina A.N., Seliverstov Y.A., Baskin L.A.
    Utilizing multi-source real data for traffic flow optimization in CTraf, pp. 147-159
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