Comparison of mobile operating systems based on models of growth reliability of the software

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Evaluation of software reliability is an important part of the process of developing modern software. Many studies are aimed at improving models for measuring and predicting the reliability of software products. However, little attention is paid to approaches to comparing existing systems in terms of software reliability. Despite the enormous importance for practice (and for managing software development), a complete and proven comparison methodology does not exist. In this article, we propose a software reliability comparison methodology in which software reliability growth models are widely used. The proposed methodology has the following features: it provides certain level of flexibility and abstraction while keeping objectivity, i.e. providing measurable comparison criteria. Also, given the comparison methodology with a set of SRGMs and evaluation criteria it becomes much easier to disseminate information about reliability of wide range of software systems. The methodology was evaluated on the example of three mobile operating systems with open source: Sailfish, Tizen, CyanogenMod.

A byproduct of our study is a comparison of the three analyzed Open Source mobile operating systems. The goal of this research is to determine which OS is stronger in terms of reliability. To this end we have performed a GQM analysis and we have identified 3 questions and 8 metrics. Considering the comparison of metrics, it appears that Sailfish is in most case the best performing OS. However, it is also the OS that performs the worst in most cases. On the contrary, Tizen scores the best in 3 cases out of 8, but the worst only in one case out of 8.

Keywords: reliability of software products, mobile operating systems
Citation in English: Succi G., Ivanov V.V. Comparison of mobile operating systems based on models of growth reliability of the software // Computer Research and Modeling, 2018, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 325-334
DOI: 10.20537/2076-7633-2018-10-3-325-334

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