Fluorescent probe immobilization into enzyme molecules

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The results of the experimental and theoretical researches of kinetics of erythrosine penetration into collagenase molecules have represented in this paper. The case with introduction of the compound (fluorescent probe) which has dimers to enzyme solution as an injection has been considered. It was shown that monomers and dimers can penetrate into enzyme molecules with formation complexes monomer — enzyme, dimer- enzyme. Moreover, transformation of probe fluorescence spectra is at each time moment. Spectrum maximum shift, and its form change. At a time, the immobilized dye dimers greatly impact to formation of end fluorescence spectrum. Well correlation between experimental and theoretical results confirms reality of the obtained data.

Keywords: diffusion, molecular probe, enzyme, collagenase, fluorescent diagnostics
Citation in English: Maryakhina V.S., Gunkov V.V. Fluorescent probe immobilization into enzyme molecules // Computer Research and Modeling, 2013, vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 835-843

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