Modeling of thermal desorption and hydrogen permeability

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In the context of problems of hydrogen and thermonuclear power engineering intensive research of the hydrogen isotopes properties is being conducted. Mathematical models help to specify physical-chemical ideas about the interaction of hydrogen isotopes with structural materials, to discover the limiting factors. Classical diffusion models are often insufficient. The paper is devoted to the models and numerical solution of the boundary-value problems of hydrogen thermodesorption and permeability taking into account nonlinear sorption-desorption dynamics on the surface and reversible capture of hydrogen atoms in the bulk. Algorithms based on difference approximations. The results of computer simulation of the hydrogen flux from a structural material sample are presented.

Keywords: hydrogen interaction with solids, surface processes, nonlinear dynamical boundary-value problems, numerical simulation
Citation in English: Zaika Y.V., Kostikova E.K. Modeling of thermal desorption and hydrogen permeability // Computer Research and Modeling, 2014, vol. 6, no. 5, pp. 679-703

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