Benchmarking of CEA FlowVision in ship flow simulation

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In the field of naval architecture the most competent recommendations in verification and validation of the numerical methods were developed within an international workshop on the numerical prediction of ship viscous flow which is held every five years in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Tokyo (Japan) alternately. In the workshop “Gothenburg–2000” three modern hull forms with reliable experimental data were introduced as test cases. The most general case among them is a containership KCS, a ship of moderate specific speed and fullness. The paper focuses on a numerical research of KCS hull flow, which was made according to the formal procedures of the workshop with the help of CEA FlowVision. Findings were compared with experimental data and computational data of other key CEA.

Keywords: numerical towing test, verification of numerical methods
Citation in English: Pechenyuk A.V. Benchmarking of CEA FlowVision in ship flow simulation // Computer Research and Modeling, 2014, vol. 6, no. 6, pp. 889-899

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