The BES-III experiment at the IHEP CAS, Beijing, is running at the high-luminosity e+e- collider BEPC-II to study physics of charm quarks and tau leptons. The world largest samples of J/psi and psi' events are already collected, a number of unique data samples in the energy range 2.5–4.6 GeV have been taken. The data volume is expected to increase by an order of magnitude in the coming years. This requires to move from a centralized computing system to a distributed computing environment, thus allowing the use of computing resources from remote sites — members of the BES-III Collaboration. In this report the general information, latest results and development plans of the BES-III distributed computing system are presented.

Keywords: BES-III, distributed computing, grid systems, DIRAC Interware, data processing
Citation in English: Belov S.D., Deng Z., Li W., Lin T., Pelevanyuk I., Trofimov V.V., Uzhinskiy A.V., Yan T., Yan X., Zhang G., Zhao X., Zhang X., Zhemchugov A.S. BES-III distributed computing status // Computer Research and Modeling, 2015, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 469-473

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