Applications of on-demand virtual clusters to high performance computing

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Virtual machines are usually associated with an ability to create them on demand by calling web services, then these machines are used to deliver resident services to their clients; however, providing clients with an ability to run an arbitrary programme on the newly created machines is beyond their power. Such kind of usage is useful in a high performance computing environment where most of the resources are consumed by batch programmes and not by daemons or services. In this case a cluster of virtual machines is created on demand to run a distributed or parallel programme and to save its output to a network attached storage. Upon completion this cluster is destroyed and resources are released. With certain modifications this approach can be extended to interactively deliver computational resources to the user thus providing virtual desktop as a service. Experiments show that the process of creating virtual clusters on demand can be made efficient in both cases.

Keywords: virtual machine, lightweight virtualisation, application containers
Citation in English: Gankevich I.G., Balyan S.G., Abrahamyan S.A., Korkhov V.V. Applications of on-demand virtual clusters to high performance computing // Computer Research and Modeling, 2015, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 511-516

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