A CPU benchmarking characterization of ARM based processors

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Big science projects are producing data at ever increases rates. Typical techniques involve storing the data to disk, after minor filtering, and then processing it in large computer farms. Data production has reached a point where on-line processing is required in order to filter the data down to manageable sizes. A potential solution involves using low-cost, low-power ARM processors in large arrays to provide massive parallelisation for data stream computing (DSC). The main advantage in using System on Chips (SoCs) is inherent in its design philosophy. SoCs are primarily used in mobile devices and hence consume less power while maintaining relatively good performance. A benchmarking characterisation of three different models of ARM processors will be presented.

Keywords: High data throughput, Computing, Big Data, ARM System on Chips, Benchmarking
Citation in English: Reed R.G., Cox M.A., Wrigley T., Mellado B. A CPU benchmarking characterization of ARM based processors // Computer Research and Modeling, 2015, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 581-586

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