Cataloging technology of information fund

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The article discusses the approach to the improvement of information processing technology on the basis of logical-semantic network (LSN) Question–Answer–Reaction aimed at formation and support of the catalog service providing efficient search of answers to questions.

The basis of such a catalog service are semantic links, reflecting the logic of presentation of the author's thoughts within the framework this publication, theme, subject area. Structuring and support of these links will allow working with a field of meanings, providing new opportunities for the study the corps of digital libraries documents. Cataloging of the information fund includes: formation of lexical dictionary; formation of the classification tree for several bases; information fund classification for question–answer topics; formation of the search queries that are adequate classification trees the question–answer; automated search queries on thematic search engines; analysis of the responses to queries; LSN catalog support during the operational phase (updating and refinement of the catalog). The technology is considered for two situations: 1) information fund has already been formed; 2) information fund is missing, you must create it.

Keywords: information fund, Big Data, information search, pertinence, navigation, search engine, semantic relations, logic-semantic network «Question–Answer–Reaction»
Citation in English: Dobrynin V.N., Filozova I.A. Cataloging technology of information fund // Computer Research and Modeling, 2015, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 661-673

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