Using CERN cloud technologies for the further ATLAS TDAQ software development and for its application for the remote sensing data processing in the space monitoring tasks

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The CERN cloud technologies (the CernVM project) give a new possibility for the software developers. The participation of the JINR ATLAS TDAQ working group in the software development for distributed data acquisition and processing system (TDAQ) of the ATLAS experiment (CERN) involves the work in the condition of the dynamically developing system and its infrastructure. The CERN cloud technologies, especially CernVM, provide the most effective access as to the TDAQ software as to the third-part software used in ATLAS. The access to the Scientific Linux environment is provided by CernVM virtual machines and the access software repository — by CernVM-FS. The problem of the functioning of the TDAQ middleware in the CernVM environment was studied in this work. The CernVM usage is illustrated on three examples: the development of the packages Event Dump and Webemon, and the adaptation of the data quality auto checking system of the ATLAS TDAQ (Data Quality Monitoring Framework) for the radar data assessment.

Keywords: Cloud technologies, virtual machines, remote sensing data processing, ATLAS TDAQ, middleware
Citation in English: Computer Research and Modeling, 2015, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 683-689

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