Russian participants in BOINC-based volunteer computing projects. The activity statistics

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The article analyses the activity statistics of the Russian participants of volunteer computing (VC) using platform BOINC obtained by the authors. The data has been received with API BOINC and site The script for the database was written in PHP, for data storing was used MySQL.

The database indicators were accumulated across all Russian projects, which allowed the calculation of the indicators characterizing the behavior of the Russian participants in all projects and teams BOINC — absolute and relative number of Russian participants, their activity, the number of introduced points system, the number of participants in each of the Russian project participants, interest in the concept of the VC.

It is shown that the position of Russia in the countries ranking is very low and is retained at the same level for 4 years. According to the authors, low activity of the Russian participants of the VC, due to individualism and the closure of Russian Internet users, as well as to a small interest in the development of fundamental science, scientific research. This, possibly due to the low-prestige as a science as a whole, as well as civil science, crowdsourcing, in particular. And, therefore, we can see insufficient dissemination of the ideas of using the mechanism of VC for research projects.

Keywords: volunteer computing, BOINC platform, virtual computing
Citation in English: Tishchenko V.I., Prochko A.L. Russian participants in BOINC-based volunteer computing projects. The activity statistics // Computer Research and Modeling, 2015, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 727-734

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