Cloud computing for virtual testbed

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Nowadays cloud computing is an important topic in the field of information technology and computer system. Several companies and educational institutes have deployed cloud infrastructures to overcome their problems such as easy data access, software updates with minimal cost, large or unlimited storage, efficient cost factor, backup storage and disaster recovery, and some other benefits if compare with the traditional network infrastructures. The paper present the study of cloud computing technology for marine environmental data and processing. Cloud computing of marine environment information is proposed for the integration and sharing of marine information resources. It is highly desirable to perform empirical requiring numerous interactions with web servers and transfers of very large archival data files without affecting operational information system infrastructure. In this paper, we consider the cloud computing for virtual testbed to minimize the cost. That is related to real time infrastructure.

Keywords: cloud computing, cloud storage, modeling of marine environments
Citation in English: Degtyarev A.B., Myo Min Swe , Wunna Kyaw Cloud computing for virtual testbed // Computer Research and Modeling, 2015, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 753-758

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