Analysis of the possibility of investigation of hydrodynamic responses and landing dynamics of space module impacting water with FlowVision CFD software

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The results of verification carried out for investigations of hydrodynamic effect on reentry conicalsegmental space vehicle are presented in the paper. The program complex Flow Vision is used for this analysis. The purpose of the study is verification of using Flow Vision program complex for problem solving mentioned above on the base of comparison between calculated and experimental data, obtained on the Apollo landing models and new development reentry spacecraft of manned transporting spaceship designed by RSC Energia. The comparison was carried out through the data of pressure values on spacecraft model surfaces during its water landing and inertia center motion parameters.

The results of study show good agreement between experimental and calculated data of force effects on vehicle construction during water landing and its motion parameters in the water medium. Computer simulation sufficiently well reproduces influence of initial velocities & water entry angles variations on water landing process.

Using of computer simulation provides simultaneous acquisition of all data information needed for investigation of water landing peculiarities during construction design, notably, hydrodynamic effects for structural strength calculations, parameters and dynamics of center mass motion and vehicle revolution around center mass for estimation water landing conditions, as well as vehicle stability after landing.

Obtained results confirm suitability of using Flow Vision program complex for water landing vehicle investigations and investigations of influence of different landing regimes through wide initial condition change range, that permits considerably decrease extent of expensive experimental tests and realize landing conditions which are sufficiently complicated for realizing in model physical experiments.

Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, computer simulation, water landing
Citation in English: Computer Research and Modeling, 2017, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 47-55
DOI: 10.20537/2076-7633-2017-9-47-55

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