Signal and noise parameters’ determination at rician data analysis by method of moments of lower odd orders

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The paper develops a new mathematical method of the joint signal and noise parameters determination at the Rice statistical distribution by method of moments based upon the analysis of data for the 1-st and the 3-rd raw moments of the random rician value. The explicit equations’ system have been obtained for required parameters of the signal and noise. In the limiting case of the small value of the signal-to-noise ratio the analytical formulas have been derived that allow calculating the required parameters without the necessity of solving the equations numerically. The technique having been elaborated in the paper ensures an efficient separation of the informative and noise components of the data to be analyzed without any a-priori restrictions, just based upon the processing of the results of the signal’s sampled measurements. The task is meaningful for the purposes of the rician data processing, in particular in the systems of magnetic-resonance visualization, in ultrasound visualization systems, at the optical signals’ analysis in range measuring systems, in radio location, etc. The results of the investigation have shown that the two parameter task solution of the proposed technique does not lead to the increase in demanded volume of computing resources compared with the one parameter task being solved in approximation that the second parameter of the task is known a-priori There are provided the results of the elaborated technique’s computer simulation. The results of the signal and noise parameters’ numerical calculation have confirmed the efficiency of the elaborated technique. There has been conducted the comparison of the accuracy of the sought-for parameters estimation by the technique having been developed in this paper and by the previously elaborated method of moments based upon processing the measured data for lower even moments of the signal to be analyzed.

Keywords: probability density function, Rice distribution, method of moments, samples of measurements, signal to noise ratio
Citation in English: Yakovleva T.V. Signal and noise parameters’ determination at rician data analysis by method of moments of lower odd orders // Computer Research and Modeling, 2017, vol. 9, no. 5, pp. 717-728
DOI: 10.20537/2076-7633-2017-9-5-717-728

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