Simulation of interprocessor interactions for MPI-applications in the cloud infrastructure

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А new cloud center of parallel computing is to be created in the Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research JINR) what is expected to improve significantly the efficiency of numerical calculations and expedite the receipt of new physically meaningful results due to the more rational use of computing resources. To optimize a scheme of parallel computations at a cloud environment it is necessary to test this scheme for various combinations of equipment parameters (processor speed and numbers, throughput оf а communication network etc). As a test problem, the parallel MPI algorithm for calculations of the long Josephson junctions (LDJ) is chosen. Problems of evaluating the impact of abovementioned factors of computing mean on the computing speed of the test problem are solved by simulation with the simulation program SyMSim developed in LIT.

The simulation of the LDJ calculations in the cloud environment enable users without a series of test to find the optimal number of CPUs with a certain type of network run the calculations in a real computer environment. This can save significant computational time in countable resources. The main parameters of the model were obtained from the results of the computational experiment conducted on a special cloud-based testbed. Computational experiments showed that the pure computation time decreases in inverse proportion to the number of processors, but depends significantly on network bandwidth. Comparison of results obtained empirically with the results of simulation showed that the simulation model correctly simulates the parallel calculations performed using the MPI-technology. Besides it confirms our recommendation: for fast calculations of this type it is needed to increase both, — the number of CPUs and the network throughput at the same time. The simulation results allow also to invent an empirical analytical formula expressing the dependence of calculation time by the number of processors for a fixed system configuration. The obtained formula can be applied to other similar studies, but requires additional tests to determine the values of variables.

Keywords: MPI, parallel computing, cloud computing, simulation
Citation in English: Kutovskiy N.A., Nechaevskiy A.V., Ososkov G.A., Pryahina D.I., Trofimov V.V. Simulation of interprocessor interactions for MPI-applications in the cloud infrastructure // Computer Research and Modeling, 2017, vol. 9, no. 6, pp. 955-963
DOI: 10.20537/2076-7633-2017-9-6-955-963

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