Numerical simulation of the process of activation of the safety valve

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The conjugate problem of disk movement into gas-filled volume of the spring-type safety valve is solved. The questions of determining the physically correct value of the disk initial lift are considered. The review of existing approaches and methods for solving of such type problems is conducted. The formulation of the problem about the valve actuation when the vessel pressure rises and the mathematical model of the actuation processes are given. A special attention to the binding of physical subtasks is paid. Used methods, numerical schemes and algorithms are described. The mathematical modeling is performed on basе the fundamental system of differential equations for viscous gas movement with the equation for displacement of disk valve. The solution of this problem in the axe symmetric statement is carried out numerically using the finite volume method. The results obtained by the viscous and inviscid models are compared. In an inviscid formulation this problem is solved using the Godunov scheme, and in a viscous formulation is solved using the Kurganov – Tadmor method. The dependence of the disk displacement on time was obtained and compared with the experimental data. The pressure distribution on the disk surface, velocity profiles in the cross sections of the gap for different disk heights are given. It is shown that a value of initial drive lift it does not affect on the gas flow and valve movement part dynamic. It can significantly reduce the calculation time of the full cycle of valve work. Immediate isotahs for various elevations of the disk are presented. The comparison of jet flow over critical section is given. The data carried out by two numerical experiments are well correlated with each other. So, the inviscid model can be applied to the numerical modeling of the safety valve dynamic.

Keywords: mathematical modeling, safety valve, slide valve movement, viscous gas, finite volume method, Kurganov–Tadmor scheme, Godunov scheme
Citation in English: Koroleva M.R., Mishenkova O.V., Raeder T., Tenenev V.A., Chernova A.A. Numerical simulation of the process of activation of the safety valve // Computer Research and Modeling, 2018, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 495-509
DOI: 10.20537/2076-7633-2018-10-4-495-509

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