Riznichenko Galina Yu.

Ризниченко Галина Юрьевна

Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Professor


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Prof. G.Yu. Riznichenko was born in Moscow in 1946, graduated from the Faculty of Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1972. Since graduation, Prof. Riznichenko has been working at the Department of Biophysics of the Faculty of Biology. She defended her PhD thesis in 1978, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences thesis on mathematical modeling of primary processes of photosynthesis in 1990.

Scientific interests

biophysics of complex systems, cell biophysics, photobiology, ecological biophysics, mathematical biophysics

Main accomplishments of the author

Prof. G.Yu. Riznichenko has authored the Lectures on Mathematical Models in Biology textbook (2011), Mathematical Models of the Primary Processes of Photosynthesis (1991) and Mathematical Models in Biophysics and Ecology (2003) monographs; Kinetics of Biological processes (1978, 1987; coauthored with N.F. Pytyeva, A.B. Rubin), Mathematical Models of Biological Production Processes (1993; coauthored with A.B. Rubin), Biophysical Dynamics of Production Processes (2004; coauthored with A.B. Rubin) educational books; more than 80 scientific articles on mathematical modeling of subcellular processes. Prof. G.Yu. Riznichenko serves at a chairwoman and co-chair of organizing committees of more than 40 regular interdisciplinary conferences including Mathematics. Computer. Education; Nonlinear World; Mathematics. Informatics. Ecology. Prof. G.Yu. Riznichenko is the Editor-in-Chief of the Computer Research and Modeling journal.

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Lomonosov Moscow State University, Biological Faculty - professor
MSU, 1, building 12, GSP-1, Leninskiye Gory, Moscow, 119991, Russia

Journal publications:

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