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  1. Yevin I.A.
    Introduction to the theory of complex networks
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2010, v. 2, no. 2, pp. 121-141

    There was a new direction of studying of the complex systems last years, considering them as networks. Nodes in such networks represent elements of these complex systems, and links between nodes – interactions between elements. These researches deal with real systems, such as biological (metabolic networks of cells, functional networks of a brain, ecological systems), technical (the Internet, WWW, networks of the companies of cellular communication, power grids), social (networks of scientific cooperation, a network of movie actors, a network of acquaintances). It has appeared that these networks have more complex architecture, than classical random networks. In the offered review the basic concepts theory of complex networks are given, and the basic directions of studying of real networks structures are also briefly described.

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  2. Yevin I.A., Koblyakov A.A., Savricov D.V., Shuvalov N.D.
    Cognitive Networks
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2011, v. 3, no. 3, pp. 231-239

    Traditional classification of real complex networks on biological, technological and social is incomplete, as there is a huge variety of artworks, which structure also can be presented in the form of networks. In this paper the review of researches of the complex networks, modeling some literary, musical and painting works is given. Corresponding networks are offered for naming cognitive networks. The possible directions of studying of such networks are discussed.

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  3. Yevin I.A., Khabibullin T.F.
    Social networks
    Computer Research and Modeling, 2012, v. 4, no. 2, pp. 423-430

    The paper reviews the main results of the study of real social networks (networks of collaboration between scientists and actors, networks of citation of scientific publications, networks of friends and acquaintances, etc.) and modern online social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.) from the complex networks theory standpoint. Based on original research by the authors, it reveals peculiarities of perception of certain complex networks.

    Views (last year): 6. Citations: 6 (RSCI).

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