Autonomous Noetherian boundaryvalue problem in special critical case

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The necessary and sufficient terms of solution existence of nonlinear autonomous Noetherian boundary-value problem are found in special critical case. The characteristic feature of the set problems is impossibility of direct application of traditional research schematic representation and construction of solutions of critical boundary-value problems, which was created in works of I.G. Malkin, A.M. Samoilenko, E.A. Grebenikov, Yu.A. Ryabov and A.A. Boichuk. For the solution construction of Noetherian boundary-value problem in special critical case an iterative procedure is recommended, it is constructed according to the scheme of least-squares method. Efficiency of the offered technique is shown on the example of analysis for periodic problems for Hill equation.

Keywords: autonomous boundaryvalue problem, special critical case, leastsquares method, iterative procedure
Citation in English: Chujko S.M., Starkova O.V., Chujko A.S. Autonomous Noetherian boundaryvalue problem in special critical case // Computer Research and Modeling, 2011, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 337-351

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